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  • What is Match?
  • Override Match
  • Disable Match
  • Delete Match data
  • Match and advanced privacy

What is Match?

When a supporter is added to your nation and provides an email address, NationBuilder Match will automatically add social media information to that person’s profile. NationBuilder Match is enabled by default upon starting your nation.

So, when a person is added to your nation and provides an email address, NationBuilder Match will add social media information to that person’s profile. NationBuilder Match will run any time a new supporter is added to a nation. The supporter must have an email on their profile for Match to work. Match takes the email address from the profile and finds any public LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles associated with that email address. If your supporter’s social profiles are set to private, Match will not pull them into your nation.

When a profile is matched to social accounts, profile pictures are pulled into your nation. If a profile picture exists it will be used for your supporter’s profile in your nation. If a supporter has multiple accounts with profile pictures, your nation will pull them in this order:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn

After Match pulls in a person’s public social media accounts, links to those accounts will be available in a person's profile.  For example, if your supporter matched with Twitter, you have the ability to tweet at them directly from your control panel.

Override Match

You can manually enter social media accounts for a profile. If a profile was matched to an incorrect social account, you can either remove or override that information by editing the profile.

1. Go to the person’s profile > Edit > Social media accounts.

2. Enter the correct account information in the available text boxes. Remove any incorrect account information if needed. 

3. Click Save social media accounts. The new social accounts will be saved. Please note that each profile can not have more than one Twitter and Facebook account. 

Disable Match

Match can be disabled by going to Settings > Defaults > Basics > deselect the checkbox labeled “Enable match.” Click Save settings.

All information collected from Match will remain, but no new information will be matched from this date forward.

Delete Match data

To delete Match data for an individual, navigate to People > Select the person's profile > Click Edit > Social media accounts

Under Social media accounts, you can delete the accounts for this person by clearing the fields. Make sure to click Save social media accounts when you're finished. The social media data and photo for the person will disappear. 

To mass delete Match data for a group of people, first you need to create a list of everyone who you would like to delete data for.

Once you've created the list, at the top of the People section, click on Lists and find the list you just created. Hover over the list name and click Edit

Once in your list, click Batch update > Clear field.  Select "All social media" under the "Field to clear" dropdown.

Click Clear this field for all XX people on the list

You'll get a success message at the bottom of the page confirming this information is being deleted from these profiles.

Match and advanced privacy

If you are using our advanced privacy tools, you can set up Match so that it is only run when consent is given. To do so, make sure Match is turned on at the nation level in Settings, and set up a consent subject with the processing type "Match"

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