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Voter data and the NationBuilder national voter file
Voter data and the NationBuilder national voter file

Voter registration and vote history can be imported into any nation.

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Voter information in the United States

Every county in the United States collects some form of data on registered voters. Most states then aggregate the data from each of their respective counties. Voter data typically includes a voter's name, address, and the history of which statewide and national elections the voter participated in. Some counties also include phone numbers, email addresses, political party preference, municipal vote history, and other demographic information.

The exception is North Dakota. It is the only U.S. state that does not require voter registration. Instead, North Dakota collects a list of voters who cast a ballot in a particular election.

How the NationBuilder voter file differs from a county voter file

NationBuilder acquires voter data directly from county and state election offices, so a lot of the information included is the same. After acquiring voter data, NationBuilder aggregates and standardizes the data across different counties and states to deliver it to you in a format that is easy to use.

A district or county voter file requested from NationBuilder is free. On the other hand, many county and state election offices charge for voter data and the costs vary. Prices range from a simple $5 processing fee to $29,000.

Municipal elections that take place on different days than statewide or national elections may not be included in the NationBuilder voter file. Contact your community strategist or email [email protected] to clarify which elections are available in your district. You may be able to acquire the additional vote history data from your county or state elections office.

Voter data for research purposes

Generally, voter data is available for research purposes. NationBuilder adheres to all state laws and regulations governing voter data distribution and use. Learn more about the rules governing voter data before requesting data. Researchers will incur the same voter file processing fee as political campaigns. Obtaining the data is always free when used in NationBuilder. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have additional questions.

How NationBuilder verifies campaigns

Campaigns are required to comply with our terms of service as well as the laws governing voter data use. Our staff will verify each submission with a phone call or email before the data can be downloaded or imported into your nation. 

Election opponents use separate databases

Each NationBuilder customer maintains exclusive access to all of their data regardless of whether it was initially acquired from NationBuilder. NationBuilder does not share any data that a campaign loads into its nation. Therefore, it is possible for election opponents to securely use NationBuilder simultaneously. Opponents have used NationBuilder in the United States and globally in past elections.

Post-election voter data

As soon as voter data is downloaded or imported into your nation, the data belongs to you. You can choose to keep, get rid of, or pass on your data when the campaign is over (if your state allows data sharing). 

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