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Recurring Twitter imports pull people who follow a Twitter account into your nation. This allows you to expand your Twitter outreach of like-minded people. Using filters, you can tailor outreach to these prospects.

Note that each Twitter profile imported will count towards the total number of people in your database, which could increase cost. Please review our pricing to see how it might affect your nation.

You'll start at People > Imports. 

Start a new recurring import

1. Click New recurring import.

2. To import everyone who follows a Twitter account, select Twitter followers. To import everyone a Twitter account follows by select Twitter followings.

3. Name the import. Keep it relevant to the Twitter handle you are importing.

4. Enter the Twitter handle. Don’t include the “@” symbol.

5. Add automated workflow elements including tags, membership and paths. We strongly recommend adding a tag specific to every recurring import for easy filtering later. Consider developing a tag system. For example, label imports with a version of “Follows @ Twitter handle" or "Follower @ Twitter handle." 

6. Click Save recurring import .

Ongoing recurring imports

All recurring imports can be viewed at People > Import > Recurring. Every import will be listed. Details will include the control panel user who created the import and the latest status.

Status shows the last time a recurring import was completed. Recurring imports will refresh every few hours, indicated as "status." New followers will be pulled in during the refresh. If an account stops interacting with a Twitter handle, the tag will not be removed, nor will the profile be deleted from your nation. End a recurring import by clicking the arrow and selecting "Delete this import".

Filtering your imported profiles

You can view imported files in the People section. 

You can run filters for different criteria including keywords in Twitter bios, social influence (by Klout or number of followers), and location. Use the tags you added when creating the import to sort profiles based on relevant Twitter accounts. 

Recurring imports will open new windows to profiles already involved in your nation and expand your outreach efforts exponentially.

How to target people
How to use tags to organize people
Creating a tag library

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