Many folks start up on NationBuilder or move to our organizing system because of the rich integration of our websites with action tools, social media, events and a supporter database. But, if you've got an existing website with a lot of older pages with inbound links and solid search engine status, migrating all that content can be a concern. To assist complex site migrations, we've created a simple import tool that will help you get started. 

In your nation, go to Website > Pages > Legacy > Import old site and run the site that you want to move to NationBuilder. We'll pull all of your site's URLs into new NationBuilder pages, and give you a list where you can set redirects if you want important legacy URLs (such as contact forms) to map to new NationBuilder pages.

Pages that you do not explicitly redirect will remain accessible at their old URLs.

If you're looking to move over a number of pages with full NationBuilder functionality, check our NationBuilder Architects listings for a consultant who can help you move things over and help with SEO.

Legacy URLs will not replace any NationBuilder pages with the same URL, so if you have an "About" page on your nation, and an "About" on the legacy site, be sure to copy over any important content before switching your hosting.

Note: Legacy URLs cannot include extensions or tokens. So URLs ending with extensions like .php or containing a question mark will not work.

After you've moved over the legacy URLs and are happy with the NationBuilder site, you can update to a custom domain on our servers to host your entire site.

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