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Connect your Twitter account to a broadcaster
Connect your Twitter account to a broadcaster

Connecting a broadcaster to your social media accounts can help you spread the word and track supporters across multiple platforms!

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Where to start

Connecting a broadcaster and your organization’s social media accounts can help you spread the word about your nation and track your organization’s supporters across multiple platforms. Your broadcaster will be able to post directly to social media, monitor activity that mentions your social media accounts, and automatically import prospects from both Twitter and Facebook.

You may have connected your social media accounts during installation. You can always review your settings or setup a new broadcaster.

All things broadcaster-related live in the Communication tab.

Connecting a Twitter account

By linking your Twitter account you will be able to schedule and post tweets from your broadcaster’s dashboard and pull people who interact with you on Twitter into your nation.

To connect a Twitter account go to Communication > [Broadcaster name]. Click on Connect Twitter account and you’ll be taken to Settings > Twitter. Here you will see checkboxes allowing you to import your followers, everyone who has mentioned you, and everyone who has retweeted you.

When you click the Connect a Twitter account button, whatever Twitter account you are logged into will connect to the broadcaster. Before you click the button, you may want to log out of Twitter. This will give you total control over which Twitter account connects to your broadcaster, which is important if you manage multiple accounts.

If you are not logged into Twitter, when you click Connect a Twitter account you will see the screen below. Enter the username and password for the account you want to connect to the broadcaster and then click Sign In.

Your broadcaster is now linked to Twitter.

The options available at Communication > [Broadcaster name] > Settings > Twitter expand once you've connected a Twitter account to the broadcaster.

By default, everyone who interacts with the Twitter account will be automatically imported. You can check the box next to one or more of these options, and these profiles will be automatically imported.

  1. Followers: Everyone who follows your Twitter account is imported into your nation as a supporter.

  2. Retweeters & mentioners: Everyone who retweets one of your tweets in the last week or mentions you in a tweet of their own is added to your nation as a prospect.

  3. Accounts you retweet or mention: If you retweet or mention someone — even if they've never interacted with you — NationBuilder will add them to your nation as a prospect.

For each Twitter profile added to your nation, NationBuilder will import:

  • Profile photo

  • Bio 

  • Location

  • Website

When a person tweets at your broadcaster, you can add her to a path, assign a point person, and tag the person's profile. It is particularly useful to assign a point person and add the person to a path to help ensure Twitter interactions are acknowledged. A point person will not be assigned if one already exists.

You can automatically follow an account that follows your broadcaster's Twitter account and automatically unfollow accounts that unfollow you. 

Finally, you can disconnect the Twitter account by clicking the Disconnect Twitter account button in the lower right-hand corner.

📌 Note: In the case that you want to remove a profile by banning a person, the Twitter account used to login to your nation will no longer be available to that person. That Twitter account will be blocked and the person will no longer be able to follow you on Twitter.

Posting to social media from your nation

When you connect a Twitter account  to a broadcaster you can post to social media from within your nation. On the dashboard of your broadcaster you can compose a post for Twitter. Posting from a broadcaster is useful when you have a single Twitter account for your organization and multiple staffers are going to be using it.

You can also draft a tweet and schedule it to be published at a later date.  

Draft a tweet at [Broadcaster Name] > Tweets > Sent. Click the Schedule button to post the tweet at a point in the future. You can schedule the tweet to post at least an hour after the current time and any date in the future.

You can review all scheduled tweets from [Broadcaster Name] > Tweets > Scheduled:

Your broadcaster’s dashboard will collect the full log of your activity on Twitter, including mentions and retweets. From this activity stream you are able to instantly reply to, retweet, and favorite a tweet, or follow a person by clicking on Show More.

Selecting a primary broadcaster for your website

A primary broadcaster is the default voice for your website. Your site will use this broadcaster’s name and email address when sending autoresponse emails. You can change the primary broadcaster by going to Website >  Site Settings > Basic > Broadcaster and selecting your choice from the dropdown menu. If you have multiple websites, you can set a different primary broadcaster for each.

Once you set the primary broadcaster and connect your social media accounts as outlined above, Facebook and Twitter icons will display near the bottom of your website. These icons will link to the accounts connected to your broadcaster. If you do not have Facebook page and Twitter account connected, these icons will not display. 

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