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Create a custom theme

If you do not want to use a public email theme, you may create your own custom theme.

There are two places where you can create and manage email themes:

1. Within a individual Broadcaster > Email > Custom themes

2. Within an email blast (Communication > Broadcaster > New email blast (or Edit an existing email blast), under the Theme tab click on New custom theme.

To edit & create a theme:

1. Name your custom theme. Check the “Clone your current theme” checkbox to use your current public theme as a base template.

2. Click the Create Theme button.

3. You will be directed to the HTML editor, where you can make changes to the template. Learn more about liquid in NationBuilder templates

4. Click Save and publish to publish your new theme. Click Save draft to remove any changes you made. 

You can use your saved custom theme for future email blasts. When you create a new email, go to Theme > Custom themes

All previously created custom themes will be listed. To use one of your previously created themes, hover over it and click on switch to next to the name of the theme you want.

After selecting your theme, you will be taken to the “Body” section of your email blast.

Delete a custom theme

1. Under the Theme tab, select Custom themes.

2. Hover over and click Edit next to the theme you want to remove.

3. Click the Delete theme button from the bottom right-hand corner to remove the custom theme. You will not be able to delete themes that have already used in sent email blasts.

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