📌 Heads up. In early 2023 we'll be discontinuing our Facebook integration and features described below will no longer be available to any Nations. Read more here (don't worry - login with Facebook will still work)

If you created your Nation after 1 Aug 2022 your nation doesn't have access to the features below as they are being discontinued in early 2023.

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Changing your Facebook page

Change the Facebook page linked to your broadcaster by going to Communication > [Broadcaster] > Settings > Facebook and connect the page you want for your nation. You will have to be logged into Facebook as someone who has admin permissions for that page.

If you don't have a Facebook page connected to the main broadcaster, people will still be able to like the page on Facebook and share the link to the nation there.

Sometimes if you change your page settings, Facebook won't immediately catch up and it will continue to highlight an old headline from your site. If that happens, you can update your site's Facebook settings by running your URL through Facebook's debugger.

When your Facebook post likes are not showing up in NationBuilder

If you previously connected a Facebook page to a broadcaster and have noticed likes from your posts are no longer appearing in your activity stream, a Facebook authentication problem is most likely the cause. You can solve this by simply disconnecting and then reconnecting the Facebook page.

To do this, click on Communications and select the broadcaster whose Facebook page the problem relates to. Then click Settings > Facebook and click Disconnect Facebook page. Next, re-select the Facebook page. Within a short amount of time, new post likes should begin appearing in the activity stream.

Authorizing NationBuilder to post as you on Facebook

NationBuilder is an application that powers websites and community databases. It also enables sharing on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. After actions like RSVPing for an event or making a donation on a NationBuilder-powered site, you may be prompted to share that action on Twitter and Facebook. If you've not already authorized NationBuilder to access those applications on your behalf, you will have to do so to enable this sharing function. If you authorize your Facebook account, NationBuilder will share the post to your Facebook without you having to leave the site you're on, and enable deeper integration with that site.

These Facebook authorization settings are specific to the site you're using, and NationBuilder will not post anything on your Facebook that you do not authorize.

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