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  • Email stats for single blast
  • Email stats for nation
  • When your email blast is queued

Email stats for single blast

Find these stats by going to Communication > [Broadcaster name] > Email and locate the sent email blast. Hover over the blast and click on Edit next to the email blast or click on the slug. Stats will appear in the Dashboard of your email blast:

If your email includes any links, you will see all links listed below your email stats. To the right-hand side of your links, you'll find "First click," indicating both the number and percentage of times the link was the first one clicked by recipients, and "Clicks," indicating both the number and percentage of overall clicks made by recipients.

You can also see the list of people attributed to each status under the Recipients section of the blast:

Email stats for nation

If you want a holistic view of your email stats, then you can go to Communication > Email stats. This dashboard can become useful if you have multiple broadcasters within your nation:

When your email blast is queued

A blast is considered queued as NationBuilder processes all the email addresses with their respective content to be sent out for a particular blast. 

A blast is typically sent out within a minute or two after being submitted but can take up to 15 minutes if the list of recipients is exceptionally large.

Do not send out a duplicate blast if the original blast is queued. NationBuilder is processing your original blast and will send out both emails if you try to send a duplicate blast.

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