Finance filtering

Use the filter button and search by any of the criteria available in the People section, or the criteria listed below. When you filter in the Finances area you will see a running total of all the listed transactions. A filter will show you the running total of transactions from that filter. 

Filter categories


Criteria name


NationBuilder ID

This is the unique ID that all records get when they are first entered into your database.

Transaction type

This can be:

  • Donation

  • Expenditure

  • Expenditure refund

  • Invoice

Individual transaction amount

Amount of transaction.

Transaction date

Date of transaction.

Payment type

This can be:

  • Cash, Check

  • EFT

  • In-kind

  • Credit/debit card

  • Money order

  • Wire transfer

  • Square

  • ActBlue

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

  • Customer credit

  • Square

  • Customer credit

  • Prepaid

  • Other

Added by (person

When the transaction is manually added by a control panel user, their name is listed as the "added by" person.


Criteria name


Credit card authorization

Donation NGP ISD

FEC type


File first imported from

Split off a larger donation

Corporate contribution

Donated on page (slug)

Donated from mailing (slug)

Donation check number

Donation election cycle

Donation tracking code

Will filter for each signup as a whole when excluding a tracking code. So, if you filter for tracking code is 'not A' it will exclude all donors who have donations with other tracking codes and donations without any tracking code.

Donation type

Recurring donation status


Criteria name


Finance type


Supported person or organization

Opposed person or organization

Expenditure check number

Expenditure election cycle

Expenditure election period

Expenditure tracking code


Criteria name


Amount paid

Amount disclosed

Amount subsidized

Invoice name

Company name



All, Pending, Active, Canceled, Completed, Failed

Days to pay

Closed date

Sent date

Start of period

End of period

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