Where to Start

To start, we took the 'plum' newsletter from Google docs:

And added some of our own assets so it looks like this (in Google docs): 

At this point, here's what we'd like to bring over to our NationBuilder email: 

  • The header 

  • The main image floating to the left 

  • A few examples of content blocks I can have in my email 

  • A way to make a photo caption

What we can't bringing over: 

  • This exact font (without coding that in)

  • The page 1/2/3 bars at the bottom

Creating it in NationBuilder

Create an email blast by going to Communication > [Broadcaster name] > New email blast. Within the Content tab, you'll create your email. 

  1. The header is a screenshot of the header from Google docs. In Google docs, we put our logo in the top right corner and changed the color of the 'NEWSLETTER' font. We just took a screenshot (you can do this with any image that you want to be your header). You can even do something simple in Google Drawings. You can add the image by clicking + Add > Image.

2. All of the dimensions on the images are a % instead of pixels - so '100% x nothing' --- rather than '123 x 345' pixels. Dimensions are changed on the General tab of the image pop-up.

3. The first image is aligned left with a margin. (float: left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 10px;). Change the alignment on the Advanced tab of the image pop-up.

4. The photo caption is 'header 5' font to make it small.  

5. The purple line is just an image of purple - so if you want a different color take a screenshot of a screen full of the color and just insert it in via + Add > Image. 

So, here's what it looks like in NationBuilder:

Pretty close, right?

Now that you have this newsletter, you can clone it as a template and update the link texts and images for all of your other newsletters! 

You can use this exact one too! Just choose the BASIC theme for your email, delete the smart fields that are on the Content tab by default, and copy THIS HTML into your source code. 

And you'll get the email blast above! Then, replace the pictures, etc. with your own text.

You can copy and paste the text & headers to add more sections & clone your email blast to use over again!

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