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How do I downgrade to the Leader plan?
How do I downgrade to the Leader plan?

Information on how you can change your NationBuilder plan.

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📌 Note: This HOWTO refers to a previous NationBuilder pricing model. For help adjusting your plan please contact support at [email protected].

To switch from the Team plan to the Leader plan, you can navigate to your Profile icon > Contacts and billing > Plan. Next to the Leader plan, you will either see a button that says Choose this plan (in which case you can click that) or you will see a link that says "You are currently using features not available in the Leader plan".  When clicking on that, you will see the features that you must first remove before being able to click "Choose this plan" on the Leader plan.  

Here is a brief description of how to disable each of those features that might show up there:

  • Texting: To remove the texting ability, navigate to Profile icon > Contacts and billing > Plan and change the "Texts" dropdown from "350 - Free" to "0" and click the Choose this plan button underneath the Team plan icon.

  • Phone Numbers: To remove a phone number, navigate to Settings > Phone Numbers and click the Arrow > Delete next to the phone number there.  If you have used your phone number for voicemails already, you'll need to remove them from the Communication tab, specifically in the "Voice" section of the broadcaster with a phone number.

  • User-Submitted Events: To disable user-submitted events, you will need to find the calendar page in your site that has user-submitted events enabled. You can do this by going to the Website tab of your control panel and use the "Page type" dropdown menu to show only calendar pages.  Under Calendar Settings, you can uncheck the checkbox that says "Allow users to host events" and then click Save at the bottom of the page to save this setting.
    In addition, if you have any event pages that were user-submitted, you'll need to go into the Settings tab for that event page and uncheck the checkbox that says "This event was submitted by a user". You will then need to click save to update that setting. It may also be useful to view your list of pages and use the "page type" dropdown menu to show only event pages.  

  • Memberships: To remove the memberships feature, you can navigate to Settings > Nation defaults > Membership types and click on the arrow next to the membership type and select Delete. If there are currently members that have that particular membership type, the membership type will not be able to be removed until you remove the membership from those people. To remove memberships from a group of people, run a filter for your current members, add them to a list, and batch remove each membership type from their profiles.If you have paid memberships in your nation, each donation will need to be disassociated from its corresponding membership in every profile. If there are too many paid members for you to feasibly take this action manually, please reach out to [email protected].

  • Custom Permissions: Nations on the Leader plan will always have access to the "Admin" permission set, which grants the control panel access to everything, and one other permission set called "Staffer", which can be customized. If you have more than those two, you'll need to remove them before switching to Leader. You can do so by going to Settings > Nation defaults > Permission sets. Hover over the permission set and click Edit. From there, you can click the Delete permission set button at the bottom of the page to remove the permission set.
    If any control panel users currently have that permission set, you'll need to change their permission set to either Admin or Staffer before you can remove the permission set.

  • Sites: The Leader plan allows you to have two websites in your nation.  If you have more than two, you can remove a site by navigating to Website > [Your Site Name] > Site Settings and click the Delete site button at the bottom right corner of the page. You cannot delete a site if it set as your nation's default site. If you'd like to change the nation's default site, you can do so using the "Primary website" dropdown menu found under Settings > Nation defaults > Basics.
    If there are any pages in the site that you are about to delete that you want to preserve, you can go into the page settings for that page and change the "Website" dropdown so that it lives under you new website. Just make sure that it isn't listed as the current splash page or homepage!

  • Developer API: If this feature is enabled, this indicates that you have an active API token under Settings > Developer > API Token. Click Revoke access to remove the token. If you are receiving a message that this feature is in use but you do not see a Developer tab under Settings, please reach out to [email protected].

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