The Team plan is a great option if you're looking to take your nation to the next level. If you're currently on the Leader plan and want further engage your community, the following upgrade features can help build deeper, lasting connections. 

If you'd like to try out any of these advanced features, you can upgrade any time by going to your profile icon > Contacts and billing > Plan within your control panel, or you can contact us at

📌 Note: For customers on a legacy pricing plan (accounts created before Sept. 2015), these features are available on the legacy "Organization" plan.

Text blasts and keywords (350 free texts per month)

Most people use texts as the primary way they stay in touch with others. Nations on the Team plan can send and receive up to 350 texts per month at no additional charge. Text blasts can be sent to a group of supporters to keep them updated on your mission, provide details about an upcoming event, or otherwise move them to action! 

The Team plan also offers the ability to use text keywords, which allow people to take action from their phone without having to fill out pesky forms. 

Virtual phone number/voicemail

Creating a phone number linked to your nation allows you to track and consolidate incoming calls to your organization. Virtual phone numbers can be particularly useful to keep your personal number private. 

Virtual phone numbers can also be used to forward calls to another phone number, receive incoming calls, and record voicemails from callers.

Email A/B testing

Not sure what subject line to go with? Automatic A/B testing helps you confidently choose the "from" or "subject" line that will drive the most engagement. Simply enter the text variations you want to compare, define how many recipients to include in the split test, and choose whether you want to optimize for opens or clicks.  

NationBuilder will then automatically handle the randomized sampling, the statistical significant calculations, and the selection of a winner for you. You can choose to have the winning variant sent out to the remainder of the list automatically, or opt to review the results before picking the winner yourself.

Custom fields

Custom fields support the collection of key data points that are not available via standard NationBuilder fields. This means that you gain the ability to capture a custom repeatable attribute for each person. For example, you may want to collect graduation year, major or t-shirt size from your supporters. By upgrading to the Team plan, you can create up to five custom fields.

User-submitted events

User-submitted events allow you to empower your supporters to better organize unofficial (or official) events in their city, on your behalf. By enabling this calendar page feature, you can save time by equipping event organizers to promote their event(s) on your website themselves — without the stress of granting them control panel access. You can control the default or required date(s) for submitted events, whether they must first be reviewed by a control panel user, and more.

More custom permission sets

If you have a large team, you may want to consider upgrading to get additional custom permission sets that can facilitate the controlled distribution of leadership and responsibilities to other members of your organization. 

Sync data between nations

Sharing data with other organizations can be a messy process. In the past, you might email someone a spreadsheet of information and hope that the critical data about supporters remains secure throughout the process. Tag sharing eliminates the hassle of exporting and importing data between nations!


Membership is a way to organize supporters and provide additional benefits based on actions they’ve taken or money they've donated. 

On the Team plan, you can create one custom membership level and customize any of the pages on your website to be available to members only. 

You can also create up to three custom renewal reminder emails that automatically send before a person's membership expires or after a failed monthly payment.

NationBuilder exists to help you expand your community, and leveraging some of the advanced Team features will help you do so more quickly and efficiently. Again, if you'd like to try out any of these features, you can upgrade any time by going to your profile icon > Contacts and billing > Plan within your control panel, or you can contact us at

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