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Most frequently asked questions prior to migrating to NationBuilder's payment processor

What are the fees for the NationBuilder payment processor?

It’s included as part of a customer’s regular plan, and fees are dependent on your plan type. If you started your account before June 11th, 2020 then your fees are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Accounts started after June 11th, 2020 can review the full breakdown listed here.

Like the rest of our pricing model, there are no hidden fees and no exceptions to the cost. There is no merchant fees, no gateway fees, and no other hidden fees. The only fees are the transaction fees.

Non-profits can request discounted pricing from their payment processor settings. If approved, fees are 2.2% + 30¢ per transaction in the US and Canada (not yet available in other markets). If you started your account before June 11th, 2020 then your fees are 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction. Accounts started after June 11th, 2020 can review the full breakdown listed here.

Check out our Payments calculator to see what you could be saving by switching to NationBuilder's payment processor.

Who can use the NationBuilder payment processor?

Customers processing payments in USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, NZD, and SEK! We don’t have any plans to support other countries at this time.

Why is this upgrade better than using third-party processors?

  1. Easier set up. When you click through under Settings > Payment processors > + New processor, you will be walked through a really straightforward Stripe workflow.
  2. Connects to Donation (v2) pages. This new page type allows you to select one-time-only, recurring only, or one-time and recurring payments on a single page. This page type is also going to have an updated look for desktop and mobile versions.
  3. Test mode works like you’d expect it to. If you use a Stripe test credit card on an account, not in test mode, a warning will tell you to change your account to test mode. If you use a non-Stripe test credit card in test mode, a warning will tell you to use a Stripe testing card - and include a link to available Stripe testing cards.
  4. Fraud protection. These accounts have Radar for Fraud Teams protection enabled by default, and NationBuilder Support can create custom rules to block particularly spammy traffic.
  5. Expiring credit cards associated with recurring payments are automatically updated. When a donor has a recurring profile set up through NationBuilder’s payment processor, their card will be automatically updated by Stripe if it expires. This means that donors won’t have to go back to the nation and re-trigger their recurring donations if their card expires, as long as they get a new card from the same bank. More on that here:

How do payouts work?

By default, integrated payment accounts in the US payout on a daily 2-day rolling basis. The 2-day window applies to business days only. For example, payments received on a Tuesday are paid out by Thursday, and payments received on a Friday are paid out by Tuesday. In other countries, the default is a daily 7-day rolling basis. For example, payments received on Thursday are paid out the following Thursday.

However, NationBuilder can adjust the payout frequency to weekly or monthly by request or pause all payouts to your account. Read more on how payouts work here.

How do I migrate recurring donors?

You can have both a third-party payment processor and a NationBuilder processor connected simultaneously. Both sets of transactions will be tracked together in your Finances tab. You will only be able to connect your NationBuilder processor to your Donation (v2) type pages. We recommend maintaining your third party processor for any recurring donors. As their cards expire, they want to change their recurring amounts, etc., you can direct them to your new Donation v2 pages.

if you want to move over all of your recurring donations immediately instead, you can send out an ask for current monthly donors to switch over like this:

Hi [Donor's Name],

We value your ongoing support of [ORG NAME] and want to make sure you don’t experience a lapse in your recurring gift to us. Because of some changes coming to our donation processing platform, we are asking all of our dedicated donors, like you, to visit our Donation Page (Link page) to set up your recurring gift again.

I know setting up your recurring donation again is another thing to add to your to do list, but we truly appreciate you helping us make the switch to our new payment processor!

We appreciate your support! Please let us know if you have any questions!




Phone number

Email Address

P.S. Please update your recurring gift at your earliest convenience! You can do that here (LINK PAGE). And thanks in advance!

I already have a Stripe account, can I use that?

No. While our payment processor is an integration with Stripe you can not use an existing Stripe account.

How do I enter a credit card donation on behalf of the donor?

Entering a credit card donation on behalf of a donor via your control panel is not yet supported. If you need to do this, fill out your Donation (v2) page on behalf of that donor instead. You’ll need to make sure you’re logged out while doing this and use the donor’s email address to ensure the donation gets attributed to the right person.

What happens when my donations fail?

You can track failed recurring donations in your Finances tab under More > Recurring plans, and selecting “Failed” from the Status dropdown menu.

A failed attempt to process a one-time donation will display the relevant error message to the supporter on your Donation (V2) page. A recurring donation will be retried up to 4 additional times before the series is canceled.

If I receive a payment to my Stripe account from another source, will this be added to my nation?

No, only payments initiated from NationBuilder will be added to the Finances section in your nation.

What fraud protection can you offer me on the NationBuilder payment processor versus my 3rd party processor?

NationBuilder is equipped to employ Stripe’s Radar fraud protection for your nation. We also have built-in fraud protection mechanisms by default, but if you start to notice fraudulent donations, please contact Customer Support at to see what options might make sense to implement.

How do I connect my payment processor to my donation page?

By using NationBuilder’s payment processor you are getting access to additional features on our donation pages. We created a new donation page called the Donation (v2) page. Therefore, you’ll need to convert your current Donation page to a Donation (v2) page using our donation page converter.

Can I get the same rate on the NationBuilder payment processor that I got through 3rd party Stripe?

No, our rates are different than what Stripe can offer directly.

Most frequently asked questions after migrating to NationBuilder's payment processor

When do I delete my third party payment processor from the control panel?

You can't delete a third party payment processor that has existing recurring donations. We recommend that you just rename your old processor to ensure you don't confuse it.

If you delete your NationBuilder payment processor from the control panel you will irrevocably cancel all active recurring donations and prevent yourself from refunding donations made through the payment processor. Use caution before deleting your account. Any pending payouts will still be transferred to the destination bank account or debit card, as long as it has not also been closed.

Can I have two bank accounts associated with one payment processor?

No - you can only have one bank account per payment processor. If you need to set up multiple payment processors in one account, make sure to use distinct email addresses for both.

What will happen to my NationBuilder payment processor if I shut down my nation?

Nothing initially, but once the nation itself has been completely deleted, the payment processor will be deleted as well, triggering the events described above. Any recurring donations will continue to process until the account is permanently deleted, so we strongly recommend deleting your payment processing account prior to shutting down your nation.

What will happen to my NationBuilder payment processor if I pause my nation?

Nothing really. Active recurring donations will continue and your Stripe account will remain intact. In order to refund donations or cancel a subscription, you’ll need to unpause your nation.

How do I tell which donations came through which payment processor?

When you export your Finances, there will be a column for “Merchant account.” The name of your payment processor will be listed in this column

Any Payouts exports will show data from only one payment processor at a time, and you’ll only be able to pull this data from your nation for NationBuilder payment processing accounts.

Can I get one export of all of my payouts data for the year?

Payouts data can only be pulled month by month.

How do I get a total of all fees for my payouts data from throughout the year?

You can combine all of your monthly payouts data together into one spreadsheet, sort it by the “fees” column, and then sum up the results.

I need an AVS report for compliance reporting. How do I pull this data?

Contact NationBuilder Support at and list all of the fields you require for your reporting, and the date range required. We will pull the data for you.

I need the last four digits and credit card type associated with each transaction for compliance reporting. How do I pull this data?

Contact NationBuilder Support and list all of the fields you require for your reporting, and the date range required. We will pull the data for you.

One person used the same email address to submit several different donations on behalf of their family members. How do I parse out the information for my compliance reporting?

When you export your data, the “signup_full_name” field will include the original name submitted. All other data will have been overwritten by the last submission made under that email.

If you noticed this behavior within 7 days of the donations, contact support immediately to see what data can be retrieved.

I’m being given the option to set up my account as an “Individual” or “Company” account. Neither category fits my organization. What do I choose?

This selection affects how you will verify your account. If you have an EIN/BN, select “Company.” If you do not have either, you will need to select “Individual” and verify your account with your personal SSN/SIN.

I’ve entered my EIN/BN for verification but it keeps rejecting it. I’m positive it’s correct - why isn’t this working?

This is probably because the name you’ve provided for your account isn’t identical to what was given on your IRS form. This field is case sensitive, so your name may have to be entered in all caps.

I’m not getting my text verification code, what do I do?

If you have someone else on your team who can provide their phone number instead, please try to set up your account with theirs. Sometimes it takes awhile for the text to come through, so you may also just need to try a few times and wait a while.

If I convert Donation v1 pages to Donation v2 pages, what happens to the donations that were associated with that page?

The recurring donations will continue to be associated with the original page, which will have been renamed to “slug_old”

I don’t see the donation page converter. What do I do?

Manually create any donation v2 pages that you want to have.

Have more questions? Send us an email at or give us a call at 1-213-394-4623

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