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HOWTO: Track Gender-Identity in your Nation
HOWTO: Track Gender-Identity in your Nation

In this HOWTO, you'll find instructions on creating a multiple choice custom field to track gender-identity

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📌 Note: Custom fields are available as add-ons. For more information on adding new features please see the add-ons page in your nation.

NationBuilder includes by default a field for tracking the assigned-at-bith sex of people in the database. This includes M/F/O choices that are appropriate for that field but not if you’re seeking to track the identified gender of your supporters.

Step 1: Create a new custom field by navigating to Settings > Nation Defaults > Custom Fields > New custom field

Step 2: Choose the custom field type of multiple choice and populate the choices with the gender identities you wish to use. For example:

  • Woman

  • Man

  • Non-Binary

  • Transgender

  • Intersex

  • Two Spirit

  • Non-Conforming

  • Prefer not to say

  • Other

Step 3: Save your custom field. Once it’s saved it will be available within individual people profiles and you can choose to include it on form fields.


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