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Action Button menu

Making Your First Button

Deleting a Button

Action Button menu

Before you start creating your own buttons, let’s do a quick walkthrough of the menu. You can access the menu at any point by navigating to the top right of your browser.

Select Hi, [Your Name]! to access the menu. Here, you can select My Buttons, Account Profile, Help or log out of your account. Select My Buttons to see your existing buttons, or to create a new Action Button.

Select Account Profile to edit information about your account. This includes things like users (if you have multiple users under one account), billing information if you’ve subscribed, and your basic information.

When you click Help, you will activate our live chat functionality. Here, you can ask questions regarding Action Button. A member of our team will respond shortly.

Making Your First Button

📌 Note: Sequenced Actions are only available on paid plans, for more information go to Account Profile > Billing

Now it’s time to make your first Action Button. To get started, navigate to the My Buttons screen. Once you make your first button, it will appear here.

For now, click the pink button Create New button in the top right. You’ll be presented with a screen asking if you’d like to create a single action button or a sequenced action button.

  • Single action button: a button with a single action will have just that – one action. This is great if you’re looking to create a petition, or perhaps a poll or a quiz tied to a single piece of content on your site.

  • Sequenced action button: If you have access to the feature, we always recommend going with a sequence of actions as this allows you to leverage high-engagement actions, like sentiment polls, which prime your audience to act in subsequent actions like emailing Congress.

Once you choose your first action, be sure to fill in all the required information. If you’ve chosen a sequenced button, select your second action and do the same. With that done, you can select the pink ‘Finish’ button and that’s it. Your new Action Button is ready to go.

Deleting a Button

You can delete any button you’ve created at any time. Doing so is easy, but please note, this will delete your button, including in all locations where you have embedded the unit.

If you’d like to delete a button, navigate over to the ‘My Buttons’ screen. Find the button you want to delete, then click ‘View Button’. Scroll to the bottom of the information window, until you see the ‘Delete’ button. Select that, confirm, and your button will be deleted.

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