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How to update a page template to support express payment options
How to update a page template to support express payment options

Customize your Donation (v2) page template to support express payment options

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If you have enabled express payment options for your website but the new options are not appearing on your pages, you may need to update your custom theme to support the changes.
The following instructions are only applicable to nations that have a customized pages_show_donation_v2_wide.html file, and only want to support express payment options on specific, existing Donation (v2) pages. If this doesn't apply to you, please select a different set of instructions.

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Identify your stock theme

Every custom theme is based on an original stock theme. If you're unsure of which stock theme is applicable to your website, you can right-click (or CTRL click) on your live website, and select the option to "View page source."

Once you see code on your screen, find the word "parent". The "parent" listed should be the name of the stock theme your custom theme was build off of.

Download theme files

Click on the name of the relevant stock theme below to download a ZIP file containing a pages_show_donation_v2_wide.html file and an _epo_theme.scss file.

Add the new code to your page template

  1. In the Website section of your control panel, click on the donation page where you would like to enable express payment options.

  2. Click on the Template tab, and then click the blue, "Create a custom template" button to display the page code.

  3. Delete all of the code from this file.

  4. Open the theme files you downloaded in a text editor (not a browser), and copy the code from the _epo_theme.scss file and paste it between style tags.

    ** pasted _epo_theme.scss code **

  5. Copy all of the code from the pages_show_donation_v2_wide.html file, and paste it directly below the closing </style> tag.

  6. Save and publish your changes. You will not be able to see the new payment methods in preview mode.

That's it! Your donors should now be able to use Google Pay, Apple Pay, or browser-saved payment methods to donate on this Donation (v2) page.

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