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See how people are using your buttons
See how people are using your buttons

Keep track of your interaction and user data.

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Accessing interaction data

So now you’ve got ActionButtons in your content, on your social media channels, and wherever else they live. What now? To see how people are using your ActionButtons, navigate over to the My Buttons menu.

Here, you can scroll through your ActionButtons in chronological order. Click View Button on any of your ActionButtons to see how people have answered your polls or quizzes, how many dollars have been raised, how many emails have been sent, and much more.

Accessing user data

You can also download aggregated data from the Account Profile menu option. Once there, click Data to access a downloadable version of the aggregated data from your buttons. Here, you can also download user information for anyone who has opted-in to share information with you through actions like emailing Congress or petitions.

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