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Adding theming to ActionButton
Adding theming to ActionButton

Customize your buttons so they match your design guidelines.

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πŸ“Œ Note: this feature is only available to ActionButton Plus users.

Adding a logo

Your logo will appear in the top right corner of your buttons. To add your logo, head over to your Account Profile. Select Group Information. Once here, upload your logo. For the best result, use a logo that is roughly twice as wide as it is tall.

Adding colors

You will be able to add a primary and secondary color. They will be used for the hover-state of buttons, with the primary color replacing the ActionButton pink.

First, get the hex codes for your two colors. These should be in the format of #00000. Once you have your hex codes (you can find these using the eyedropper tool found in many word processors and image editors), then head over to your Account Profile. Once here, select Theme and enter your hex codes.

These colors are for the hover states only. You cannot currently change the background color of the button or the font color and family.

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