U.S. mobile carriers have adopted a new registration process for organizations that send texts through an application (such as NationBuilder), from a 10-digit phone number (also called a "10-digit long code" or "10DLC").

Registration is needed, regardless of which texting application an organization uses. If you don’t get registered, your messages may be filtered by carriers.

While NationBuilder will manage the registration process on your behalf, we’ll need some information from you to ensure that your registration can be successfully processed. Here is what we need you to do:

If you’re planning to remain under the threshold of ~2,000 SMS sent per day

  • Log into your control panel

  • Navigate to Contacts and billing > Account contact

  • Make sure your organization name and physical address are up to date.

📌Note: We will need to provide your organization name, physical address, and the email address listed as your nation's primary contact to our texting vendor in order to register your phone number.

If you’re planning to send more than ~2,000 SMS per day

Please get in touch with our support team as some additional steps are required to ensure your texts are delivered successfully.

If you are sending texts from a 527 Political Organization, you will need to also register with https://www.campaignverify.org/. Please note, that there is a $95 registration fee.

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