📌 Note: Custom fields are available as add-ons. For more information on adding new features please see the add-ons page in your nation. For more information on Networked nations please see our pricing page.

When setting up a Network headquarters, you can decide to share custom field settings with all networked nations. This creates a unified approach to data collection, ensuring each nation in your network is collecting the same type of information in the same fields. Custom field settings encompasses all of the information managed from Settings > Defaults > Custom fields. The settings shared include:

  • All possible people custom fields.

  • All possible donation custom fields.

  • The name of each field.

  • The slug for each field.

  • What type of field it is - multiple choice, number, checkbox, or text.

  • The multiple choice options within a multiple choice field.

Sharing custom field settings ensures that the data collected is consistently maintained across the network. It does not sync the data contained within these fields.

A networked nation will not be able to create custom fields if the settings sync is turned on.

Sharing the field settings does not share the data within those fields. Field settings must be shared before the data can be shared. Once the settings are synced, the data can be shared using tag sharing

An admin of the Network HQ nation must contact NationBuilder to begin the custom field settings sync. Please note that to successfully share custom field settings, networked nations must either not have custom fields or have the exact same fields as Network HQ. If a networked nation has created unique custom fields that do not exist in Network HQ, those fields -- and the data contained within the fields -- must be deleted before the settings sync can begin. 

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