Frequently asked questions about NationBuilder.

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Intro to NationBuilder

New to NationBuilder? Start here to learn the basics of the NationBuilder platform and set yourself up for success!

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Learn your Role

Get started by learning the basics of how to use NationBuilder for your role and set yourself up for success

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Learn how to track relationships with people and organizations, as well as target outreach.

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Learn how to create and use various webpage types – like blogs, event calendars, petitions, surveys, and more. All actions taken on your website automatically connect to your people database.

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Create a more effective outreach strategy using targeted email blasting, text messaging, and social media to engage your most influential people.

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Workflows - automations

Create automated email workflows to streamline your communications and build stronger relationships with supporters

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Learn how to create a donation page, create individual fundraising pages, and accept recurring donations.

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Global management of your nations is handled in the Settings section. Connect payment processors, configure a custom domain, create memberships, and customize user permission sets.

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Manage and enhance your data all from one place. Learn how to import and export your supporter, donation, and survey data at any time, or automatically share your data with another nation.

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NationBuilder Network

Learn how to set up your HQ nation and build out your network.

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Tips, tricks, and best practices

Tips and tricks for any user level.

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Documentation in other languages

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Advocate for your cause

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Learn about the the powerful engagement tool that integrates directly with your nation. Learn what ActionButton is, how to set it up and what buttons you can have access to.

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10DLC Registration for sending text messages

Find information about 10DLC registration, if you are affected and what is needed to register.

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