Begin with an email blast you haven't sent yet. Before you send it you'll create a .pdf.
Go to Communication > Broadcasters > Email  > email_slug > Content

Remove the smart field for "First name or 'Friend'" (which you can only do before you send it) to make the .pdf of the email cleaner.

Next, change your URL to the html_preview. To do so, remove the word 'content' from the url and replace it with html_preview in your tool bar. 

This gives you a really nice view of your email that you can print to a .pdf and save on your computer. 

Select Print to save it as PDF. To save it without any extra info uncheck 'Headers and footers'.

Now, create a page on your website to hold your .pdfs. In this example, I made a blog post that I can always go back to. 

In page Files, upload your .pdf and right click to copy the link address. 

Within the page Content, I highlighted the text to link and clicked the link button to add the .pdf.

That's it! To see it in action, you can view Taylor's page & download her NB newsletter!

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