Request tax exemption

NationBuilder collects sales tax for customers in certain states. If you are an exempt entity, you can file an exemption certificate.

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By default, NationBuilder collects sales tax for customers located in the District of Columbia, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Washington.

However, if you are an exempt entity, you can request exemption by filing an exemption certificate with us.

Note: To have tax-exempt status, you must have met the IRS requirements and then applied for and achieved tax-exempt status.

Requesting exemption

If you are reading this prior to creating an account, please check the "This organization qualifies for tax exempt status" checkbox as you start your 2-week free trial.

If you already have an active nation that is being taxed, you can fill out the relevant form linked below and email it (and any other supporting documentation specified on the form) to [email protected].

DC Exemption
NY Exemption
UT Exemption
WA Exemption

Once you submit, our team will review your application and contact you in regards to the approval or rejection of your tax exempt status. If you are approved as exempt, sales tax will not be applied to future invoices.

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