Express payment options

Allow donors to pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and browser-saved payment methods on Donation (v2) pages

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Enabling express payment options for your website will allow donors to contribute using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card they've saved to their browser. By making these payment options available, you will:

  1. Minimize the time it takes for donors to contribute

  2. Make it easier for people to donate from their mobile devices

  3. Provide an added sense of security by allowing donors to avoid manual credit card input

All of these factors can increase donation conversion rates, giving your organization the means to better promote your cause.

πŸ“Œ Note: This feature is only available on Donation (v2) pages using NationBuilder Payments. Learn more.

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Enable express payment options

To allow payments to be processed using express payment options on all of your Donation (v2) pages, navigate to Website > Site settings > Basic > Enable express payment options on Donation (v2) pages.

If you would like to disable the feature on a specific donation page for any reason, you can do so under Donation settings > Basics > Enable express payment options.

Accept payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or browser-saved cards

Once the feature is enabled, the payment option buttons - Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Pay now - will display to donors dynamically depending on which browser they're using. The donor must also already have the relevant payment option configured on their device. If they do not, they will only see a credit card entry field on your donation form.

The payment buttons will display in the following environments:

  • Apple Pay: Safari (desktop and iPhone)

  • Google Pay: Chrome (desktop and Android)

  • Browser-saved cards: Microsoft Edge (desktop)

⚠️ Donors using Apple Pay on a MacBook with a touch bar will be asked to confirm their contribution by clicking a message displayed on the bar: "Pay 3dna CORP dba NATIONBUILDER [amount]".

To mitigate any confusion this may cause, a message will only be displayed below the Apple Pay button to affected users, warning them they may be see the above confirmation to NationBuilder. This message can be deleted or modified in your theme files.

If your donation pages have a dark background, we recommend displaying the light styled version of these buttons for contrast. You can enable the contrasting version of the buttons by checking the Use inverse colors for 3rd party buttons (Facebook, Stripe, etc.) checkbox under Website > Site Settings > Basic.

Use the feature with a custom theme

If you do not see the buttons on your page, despite enabling the feature and using a device that is configured to see them, you may need to update your theme. The complexity of this update will depend on how customized your website is, so please click on the directions below that best fit your situation:

  1. Under Website > Theme > Current custom theme, my pages_donation_v2_wide.html file does not have a CUSTOM badge next to it. I want to add this feature across all of my donation pages that have not been customized.

  2. I only want to enable express payment options on specific donation pages that have not been customized yet. I want all new donation pages to use my existing pages_donation_v2_wide.html code without the feature.

  3. My pages_donation_v2_wide.html has been customized OR the donation page I want to add this functionality to has been customized. I want to retain my existing customizations and enable express payment options.

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