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Reset auto-districting after boundary changes
Reset auto-districting after boundary changes

Learn how to reset auto-districting in your nation after changes have been made to local boundaries

Updated over a week ago

Electoral boundaries are constantly being reviewed and changed. We are constantly updating NationBuilder to display the most recent changes.
When a change is made, there is an auto--districting "reset" you need to complete so that your people will display in their new boundary.

Go to Settings > Political > settings

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Uncheck the box next to "Automatically update voting districts when an address changes"

Leave this unchecked for a minimum of 15min, then return and check the box again.

Remember to hit "save settings" at the bottom of the page for all changes.

πŸ“Œ Note: if you know a boundary/electorate in your area is changing or has changed and you would like us to update our shapefiles please write to [email protected] and send a link to government website so we can find the official files. Files must be verified before we'll update them

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