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Create and edit a profile
Create and edit a profile

A profile serves as the central hub for information on a person. As a person engages with your nation, their profile updates in real time.

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Where to start

Profiles are created in NationBuilder in a few different ways. They are created automatically when a person takes action on your website or interacts with a broadcaster via Twitter, Facebook, text, voicemail, or email. You can also import people to your nation, which creates a profile for each person or updates existing profiles. You can also manually add a profile.

All profiles live in the People section.

Create a profile

Navigate to People > + New person

All of the information on this page is optional, however, in order to get a holistic view of the person's relationship with your nation, you want to fill in as much information as possible about the person. 

When finished, click Add person. You’ll see a success message across the bottom of your page and the form will refresh so you can continue adding people if you wish. 

Once added, you can find people’s profiles within the People section. 

Basics of editing a profile

To edit the basic information on a profile (e.g. name, email, support level, etc.), click on the person's profile > Edit > Settings

To edit any other elements of a person's profile, click on the corresponding tab. 

👉🏼 Next steps

Organizations can also have profiles in your database. When relationships connect people to an organization, the organization profile can be a hub, gathering information about contacts recorded with multiple people.

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