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Viewing people in your nation
Viewing people in your nation

You can view people in your nation in a variety of ways within the People section.

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📌 Note: Geocoding, mapping, and multiple permission sets are available as add-ons. For more information on adding new features please see the add-ons page in your nation.

Where to start

All information related to people lives in the People section of your control panel. 

Viewing people in your nation

There are five views you can use in the People section. When you click on People in the left sidebar of your control panel, the section will open in list view.

  1. Single-person view: This is the view where you can interact with the entirety of a person's profile. All areas of a profile are accessible from this view. It is possible to view filter results or people on a path in single-person view.

  2. List view: Displays abbreviated profile overviews in list format. Can display everyone in your database or filter results using list view.

  3. Household view: Displays a list of households within your database. Households are determined by mailable primary address, so the number of people included in the household view will probably be less than the number of people in your database. Household can be filtered and placed on a map.

  4. Map view: Displays people or households on a map. Can display filter results on a map. Whether or not a profile is included in the map is determined by the address accuracy selected.

  5. Path view: Displays people currently on a particular path. Can also display people who have abandoned or completed a particular path. (Note: This view only displays when a path is selected.)

Who can view profiles

Whether or not a control panel user can access the People section or view a particular profile is determined by their permission set (Settings > Permission sets). There are three options:

  1. Allow a control panel user to see every profile in the People section with the permission People: Everyone

  2. Allow a control panel user to see profiles assigned to him with the permission People: Assigned. A control panel user can be assigned oversight of a path step or path, which will give them access to the profile until the step or path is completed. They can also be assigned as a point person, which will give them access to the profile until the point person assignment is changed. 

  3. Do not allow a control panel user to see any profiles in the People section with the permission People: None.

Actions button

The Actions button in the toolbar provides a variety of options. 

In single-person view, it allows you to follow the profile. This means you will receive notifications when the person takes an action. It also allows you to add the profile to a list. 

In list view, it allows you to add everyone to a list or remove everyone from a list.

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