Manage control panel users

A control panel user is a person with permission to access the people database, create webpages, send mass communication, etc.

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📌 Note: Multiple permission sets are available as add-ons. For more information on adding new features please see the add-ons page in your nation.

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How to add a control panel user

In the top right corner of the control panel is your profile icon. If you have an image associated with your profile, it will display.

1. Hover your mouse over your profile icon. A dropdown menu will appear.

2. From the dropdown menu, click on Add control panel user. A pop-up window will appear.

3. (Required) Enter the email address for the user.

4. (Required) Set permissions- Select a permission set for the user. Your options will be limited by your level of control panel access. Only nation administrators can invite users to the admin permission set.

5. Click the Invite user button.

An email will be sent to the user, inviting them to activate their account. This notification email is sent directly from NationBuilder and cannot be edited. 

The new user will click the Activate your account button in this email.

If the user does not have a password, they will be prompted to create one. If they have a password, they will be prompted to log in. 

This process can be used to create a new profile for people who don't exist in your nation. It can also be used to add a permission set to an existing profile. It is the most secure way to grant control panel access.

People who can grant control panel access

Everyone who has access to your control panel will not see the option to add a control panel user from the dropdown menu in the top navigation area. Only a subset of control panel users can grant access to the control panel. A user must have the "add control panel users" or "manage control panel users" permission or be a nation admin.

Permission set: Add control panel users

  • Add profile with same permission set: yes

  • Add profile with different permission set: no

  • Edit control panel user profile: no

  • Reset control panel user’s password* : no

Permission set: Manage control panel users

  • Add profile with same permission set: yes

  • Add profile with different permission set: yes

  • Edit control panel user profile: yes

  • Reset control panel user’s password* : no

Permission set: Admins

  • Add profile with same permission set: yes

  • Add profile with different permission set: yes

  • Edit control panel user profile: yes

  • Reset control panel user’s password* : yes

* Anyone can reset their own password following the prompts on a nation's website, triggering a password reset email. Only admins can reset another person's password by editing it on a person's profile within the control panel. 

Add a permission set by editing a profile

A profile can also be edited to add or change control panel access.

1. In single-person view of a profile, click Edit > Settings.

2. Permission set options will display as a dropdown list in the top right area of profile settings.

3. Once you set or update the profile's permission set, click the Save person button at the bottom of the page. If you need to remove the permission set, click on the X next to the permission set.

We recommend adding control panel users from the top navigation area of the control panel, rather than updating profiles. This ensures that new users have the opportunity to set their own passwords.

View a control panel user's assignments

To view who all of your control panel users are, go to the People section and click Point People. Its a best practice to routinely audit your control panel users to remove any who shouldn’t have access anymore.

You will land on the Permissions list, these are all the people who have access to your NationBuilder control panel. Click the plus sign button to add this person to a list. Click the pencil button to edit this user. You can click on the number under "Assigned" to view a list of all the people assigned to this control panel user. You can also click Assignments to view a comprehensive listing of people assigned to this person by type (i.e. Prospects, Supporters, Volunteers, Donors, etc.)

To view the paths, steps, and profiles assigned to specific control panel users, you can also visit the People section and use the Assignment selector tool. This allows you to see what responsibilities a control panel user holds at any time.

Click on the dropdown menu and select the name of the control panel user you wish to view.

Any profile that has the control panel user listed as their point person will display. If that control panel user is assigned to a path or a step on a profile, that profile will also display.

You may also select “Everyone,” which will display all profiles or “Yours,” which will display profiles that are assigned to you. The toolbar defaults to “Everyone.”

The "Assignment selector" can be used in all views including single-person, list, householding, map, and path views. You may further filter the results by using the filter tool.

Note that point person assignments are hierarchal. So, if you are the point person of another control panel user, when you view your “assigned” profiles, you will see both the profiles assigned to you and the profiles assigned to the control panel user.

This overview of relationships and assignments allow you to see all the responsibilities a control panel holds in your nation.

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