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Log in to your control panel
Log in to your control panel

The first skill necessary to become a NationBuilder superstar is to log in to your control panel.

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📌 Note: Multiple permission sets are available as add-ons. For more information on adding new features please see the add-ons page in your nation.

Table of Contents

Logging in from your nation

  1. Enter your login information (or sign in with Facebook).

  2. You will be directed to your nation's control panel dashboard.

Logging in from

  1. On, you can sign in from the very top or very bottom of any page. 

2. From the top of the page, click on Sign in and select Sign in to your nation.

Alternatively, click the Sign in to your nation link in the footer of the page.

3. Enter your nation's slug.

4. Click Sign in to your nation.

5. Enter your login information (or sign in with Facebook).

6. You will be directed to your nation's control panel.

In order to log into your nation's control panel, individual people must be granted permission. If you're following these steps, and you're still unable to log into your nation, you should email [email protected]. We will help you to resolve the issue ASAP.

Reset your password

If you’re unable to recall the password that you chose for your nation, you can easily reset your password with NationBuilder’s “Forgot your password?” feature.

From your nation’s login page — found at — click the “Forgot your password?” link.

On the next page, you’ll be prompted to enter the email address you use to log into your nation. Do so, then click Send password reset instructions.

Your password reset instructions will be sent to your primary email, which may not be the email you typically use for login purposes. If you do not see your reset instructions, please be sure to check all email accounts associated with your nation.

There, you will see an email like the one pictured below. It contains a personalized link that will take you back to a page on the nation where you can create a new password. Click the link.

Once you’ve chosen a new password, be sure to save it somewhere safe, such as a secure password manager.

You’ll now be redirected back to the login page, where you will be able to log in using your email address and the password you just selected.

Resetting your password yourself is the best way to handle this problem. If you are a control panel user, only an admin of your nation can reset your password from within the control panel. More information is available on managing control panel users.

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