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Intro to NationBuilder
Step 1: Log in and set up
Log in to your nation and navigate your control panel
Log in to your nation and navigate your control panel

Welcome to NationBuilder! Let's get you oriented with your nation.

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NationBuilder is software that helps leaders build, maintain, and expand human relationships. A community can achieve goals faster than a single individual.

Each community creates a nation; a separate and self-contained database. Lead people to take action and maintain a history of your interaction in your nation. This includes websites, emailing, donation processing, and social media integration. 

Let's get started!

Log in

The first skill necessary to become a NationBuilder superstar is to log in to your control panel.

1. In your browser, navigate to "" or ""

2. Enter your login information (or sign in with Facebook or Twitter). 

3. You will be directed to your nation's control panel dashboard.

If you’re unable to recall the password that you chose for your nation, you can easily reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” link.

Navigating your control panel

Your control panel dashboard is where you manage your nation. In this video, we walk you through how to navigate the dashboard, people, website, communication, finances and settings sections.

A range of features are highlighted in each section, some of which are only available on certain plan types. You can review which features are available on each of our plan types here.

Dashboard: The dashboard provides an overview of all of the activity in your nation.

People: Each person in your nation has a profile that serves as a central hub for all of their information. You can also search for specific groups of people, make lists, and more!

Website: This is where you will create your website and the content on it.

Communication: This is where you can create/access the broadcasters you'll use to "speak" to your supporters via email, text, etc.

Finances: All things finance-related are housed in this section. This includes pledges, fundraising information, etc.

Settings: This overall settings for your nation are housed here. This includes contact information, domains, payment processor, any election details, plan/billing info, etc. 

Profile menu: Click on your profile icon to access contact/billing information or invite your team members to your nation. 

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Need more direction? We also offer demos and virtual/in-person training sessions!

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