How activity streams work

You'll find activity streams throughout NationBuilder. These are real-time logs of all activities happening in your nation.

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Private activity streams

Access your nation’s most comprehensive activity stream at Dashboard > Activity. This stream gives you an overall, up to the minute view of everything happening in your nation: who is creating pages, who is tweeting about broadcasters, who is signing up on the website, who just left a voicemail, etc. More specific streams based around people and pages appear in other parts of your control panel and public website.

Control panel activity streams all have the same functionality. Here is the activity stream in the Dashboard of a person's profile:

You can sort a stream by activity type. If you delete an activity from one stream, it will be deleted from all streams. For example, if I delete that Julie RSVPd for Community Night on her profile, that activity will no longer appear in the Dashboard of my control panel. Her RSVP will not be deleted - it will still be viewable from within the Community Night event page, but it will no longer appear in any activity streams.

Edit what information appears in your activity streams by going to to Settings > Defaults > Dashboards in the control panel.

Each column is a different dashboard type in NationBuilder and you can control what streams a particular activity appears on by going to the activity and clicking on Edit. 

Select the checkboxes for the streams you want to have the activity published and click Save.

Public activity streams

Activity streams are available for public facing website pages. When you create new pages for your website, you have the option to check "Show stream" in the Settings for that page.

When "Show stream" is checked, as long as the activity is public, everyone visiting the site will see it. If you would like to remove a particular activity from this public stream, you can do so by deleting it from the control panel activity stream of the page. 

People with control panel access will always be able to see the activity, both public and private, in the control panel regardless of whether "Show stream" is checked.

Monitoring spam content

Activity streams are a great way to monitor spam content in your nation. You can quickly see if there is suspicious activity by searching for recently made comments or user-generated content in your nation.

Go to Dashboard > Activity.

1. Select “Comment,” “Page published,” or other user-generated activity type from the first dropdown menu.

2. Select “Today” or another time frame from the time dropdown menu. 

Spam is often easily recognizable in your activity stream. 

To report activity as spam, click on the arrow next to the activity and select Report spam.

To ban the user from your nation, click on the user’s profile and go to Edit > Settings

Scroll to the bottom and click Ban.

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