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Using NationBuilder to manage your data
Using NationBuilder to manage your data

Data is handled securely for each customer in their own private database.

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๐Ÿ“Œ Note: Walksheets are available as an add-on in the political bundle. For more information on adding new features please see the add-ons page in your nation.

Our sharing features allow for automatic sync of targeted data between groups. NationBuilder offers fully documented APIs that make it easy to merge data with other database systems. They also power a fast-growing ecosystem of apps to support your community-building efforts: everything from mobile field tools to data append services to telephone town halls.

You can receive a full copy of your database in an open-source format at any time.ย 

Privacy and security

You own your data. Each NationBuilder database is separate from every other database. All access through the control panel is fully encrypted. You can add unlimited control panel users and customize permission sets for those users accordingly.

Dynamic data

Import and export at any time
NationBuilder can export people data in CSV format to programs like Excel and Google Docs. You can also import information such as donation history and voter records using the same method. In addition, if you need to update a piece of data regularly, such as donations from another software product, you can match your data headers with NationBuilder and it will automatically save that field mapping for quick use on future imports.

Shared tags
Use tag sharing to share people data between nations. Shared information about people includes things like addresses, phone numbers, emails, and unique IDs.

Subnations are suitable for national and international nonprofits with active chapters, political committees and parties, religious groups, service organizations, labor internationals and more. Basic people data, including email addresses, flows up from subnations to the parent organization on a daily basis for use in communication and fundraising efforts.

Flexible data

Database size
Each nation is equipped to handle databases with millions of records.

Developers can set up free NationBuilder accounts to create applications that they can also share with NationBuilder customers. Our APIs use REST, which supports networked applications using simple HTTP commands. The APIs transfer data between machines in JSON. Our REST APIs support real-time requests and updates for attributes of the people in your database, requesting and creating lists of people, creating surveys and marking the results on your supporter profiles, and updating records of touches with the people you're organizing. You can also use the API to load CSV files to your nation.

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