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How to download a person's data from their profile
How to download a person's data from their profile

NationBuilder provides the ability for a control panel user to download all of the personal data for a given person.

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Download a person's data

One of the advanced privacy tools NationBuilder provides is the ability for a control panel user to download all of the personal data for a given person (or in our technical jargon, a signup).

This includes much of the same information available in a person's account and activity log, e.g. actions they've taken on your website, donations, ways your nation categorizes them, etc. Additionally, it includes information that is not available simply by logging into an account, like the IP addresses that are logged when they've logged into or out of NationBuilder. 

If you are using the data download to comply with a data portability request, we recommend asking for the person to confirm their identity by submitting the request from the email connected to their profile in your nation.

Whenever a control panel user uses the data download, we will record an audit log entry that includes:

  • The NationBuilder ID of the person whose data was downloaded

  • The NationBuilder ID of the control panel user who did so

  • When the download was executed

This audit log is recorded in your nation and can be accessed via a snapshot. Please note that if you restore a snapshot from before this download was executed, you are returning your nation to a previous point in time and the log entry will not be included.

Click on People. Find the user's profile you wish to download data for and click on their name. Once on their profile, select Privacy > Data download.

The download will begin at the bottom of your screen. Once finished, click on the title to open it or save it to your computer.

What data does the download include?

The data download will include all information on a supporter's profile:

  • Address

  • All types of contact (e.g. text messages, emails)

  • Background note on their profile

  • Birthdate

  • Church

  • Comments

  • Communication consent

  • Custom field values

  • Whether they are deceased

  • Demographic information

  • Digital will

  • District information

  • Donations

  • Email addresses

  • Employer

  • Endorsements

  • Ethnicity

  • Events hosted

  • Expenditures

  • Feedback

  • People they follow/are followed by

  • Sex

  • Household

  • Invoices

  • Language

  • Leaderboard status

  • Lists they are on

  • Marital status

  • Memberships

  • Name

  • Occupation

  • Pages authored/followed/tagged

  • Petition signatures

  • Phone number

  • Pledges

  • Phone numbers

  • Priority level

  • Profile information (website, profile image, headline, content, bio)

  • Refunds

  • Relationships

  • Religion

  • Roles

  • RSVPs

  • Signup type (person or organization)

  • Social media accounts/likes/posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Meetup)

  • Social media accounts linked with broadcasters in your nation that they are following

  • Support level

  • Survey answers

  • Tags

  • Unsubscribes

  • User login information

  • Voter information


  • For custom_values, if you're looking at a yes/no custom field, a "0" means no, and a "1" means yes.

  • For signup_type_value, "0" is a person, "1" is an organization.

If there's an abbreviation you are looking to understand, review our import code documentation for more information. Also, you can always contact [email protected] if you're unable to identify the name of a field you want to extract.

Please note, we worked with our legal counsel to determine what types of data are considered personal to a data subject. If you believe the data download does not include data that you must disclose to a data subject, you may extract that data from the nation’s snapshot.

Manually edit the data download

The download includes anything that could be considered personal data, but you may use different features in such a way that the data they produce is truly internal to your nation and not covered under the right to data portability. If you want to redact information, download the file, open it in a text editor, and manually remove it.

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