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NationBuilder has advanced privacy tools so you can ensure you've gained the consent you need to build relationships with your supporters.

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Enabling advanced privacy

To enable advanced privacy, go to Settings > Nation Defaults > Basic.

Click the checkbox labeled "Enable advanced privacy", and press Save settings. 

To disable advanced privacy, you can uncheck the box and click Save settings. If you ran a re-permissioning campaign, the data that was collected will remain in the database, but control panel users will no longer be able to use advanced privacy tools. 

Analytics consent banner

You can set up an analytics/cookie consent banner if you're using Google Analytics or Chartbeat on your NationBuilder site. Enabling this banner will allow the people who visit your site to formally consent to the collection of data by those analytics tools. The cookie will not be created by those tools unless site visitors consent by using the 'Accept' button.


Consents are what specific kinds of data processing and communication you'd like supporters to opt into. NationBuilder records each person’s yes or no, and then you can utilize those responses to determine how you can use each person’s data. To access consent forms go to Settings > Privacy > Consents.

Consent forms

Consent forms are what you’ll create to actually collect the consent you would like to gather from your supporters. To access consent forms go to Settings > Privacy > Consent forms.

Consent forms can also be added to pages on your website. To utilize this, you must have already created and published a consent form. 

Data download

Another one of the advanced privacy tools NationBuilder provides is the ability for a control panel user to download all of the personal data for a given person.

Digital will

A digital will is a statement about whom will take ownership of a person’s information should they be involved in a catastrophic event. You can log a digital will on a person's profile


When advanced privacy is turned on, files associated with exports/imports/snapshots will only be available for a limited time. This means, if a file is more than 30 days old, control panel users will no longer be able to click the link to download it. Why? Because there may be exports/imports/snapshots in your Nation that include information about people who have been permanently deleted.

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