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Configure featured content sliders
Configure featured content sliders

Featured content sliders are moving image displays you can add to pages. They can help entice visitors to other sections of your site.

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To create a featured content slider:

Go to your control panel to Website > [Select site] > Pages and hover/click Edit next to the page you wish to configure.

1. Go to Settings > Featured content sliders.

2. You add one image at a time. In order to activate the slider, you need to have more than one image. First, you are required to include a label to help you identify the slider. If you want to include a call-to-action, enter the text in the "Headline/Action text" field and it will be overlaid on top of the image and is clickable.

3. You are also required to enter the slug of a page on your website you want your image and action text to link to.

4. Now, select an image to upload from your computer by clicking on the Choose file button. 

📌Note: At this point in time, featured content sliders cannot have video placed in them.

You will want to use images which are a certain size or aspect ratio depending on the theme you are using, and you want to make sure all your images are exactly the same dimensions. Recommended image sizes for NationBuilder stock themes:

Action: On desktop, it will be a maximum of 750 x 414px. If you have no headline on your featured content slider, the image will be 1140 x 414px.

Aware: Recommended to be at 1026x250px

CityZen: At least 1080px wide, with an aspect ratio of about 3:1 (e.g. an image that is 1080px wide should be 360px in height)

Collective: At least 1024px wide, with an aspect ratio of about 3:1 (e.g. an image that is 1024px wide should be 340 px in height)

Headliner: At least 1024px wide, with an aspect ratio of about 16:9 (e.g. an image that is 1024px wide should be 576px in height)

Presence: At least 1024px wide, with an aspect ratio of about 3:1 (e.g. an image that is 1024px wide image should be 340px in height)

Publish: Recommended to be at 1026×455px

Raise: Recommended to be at 1440 x 500px

Verve: Recommended to be at 1170×700px

Victory Again: Recommended to be at 1026×460px

5. You can then choose to publish the slider from the Status dropdown menu.

6. Click on the Save featured content slider button to save.

You can always go back and edit an existing slider by clicking Edit next to the slider label. If you are ready to add more sliders, repeat the steps from above. You can also reorder featured content sliders by simply dragging and dropping them into place. 

Lastly, you can move a slider from one page to another. Click Edit next to the slider you wish to move, and enter the page slug you wish to move it to in the “Move to another page” field.

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