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Include or exclude a site from search results
Include or exclude a site from search results

By default, any site created on NationBuilder will be crawled by search engines and included in results, however, this can be changed.

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Include a site in search results

When a site allows search engines, an XML format sitemap is submitted to search engines so that all pages are indexed. This includes any URLs that are not discovered through the normal crawling process. A dynamic XML site map is automatically generated and available to Google and other search engines. This sitemap can be found at or

Exclude a site from Google and other search results

Prior to publicly launching a new site, you may want to exclude the entire site from search results. 

Under Website > Site settings you will find a series of selectable options which will enable or disable certain features across your entire site. 

Uncheck the box next to “Allow search engines” and then click the Save site button. This will prevent your site from appearing in Google search results and other search engine results. 

Once your site development is complete, be sure to return to Website > Site settings, check the box next to "Allow search engines" and click the Save site button. No pages on your site will be displayed in search results if that box remains unchecked.

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