We support:

  1. Any bug or issues found on anything that ships with an unmodified public theme.

  2. Any bug found in liquid, with our documentation being the rulebook.

  3. Questions about simple template customizations. We want to support new customers who are getting up to speed with theming and want to make changes, but we want to let this process scale by directing folks to public questions. We will do our best to answer your questions promptly while you are getting started.

We do not provide theme support over the phone. If your theme support inquiry falls under one of the three conditions above, please email your inquiry to [email protected] and include as much relevant information (nation slug, links to pages, screenshots) as you can.

Some helpful resources:

If you're having issues with advanced customizations to themes, such as custom javascript, custom jQuery, scripts, or third-party widgets - and you can't find what you're looking for in our theme documentation - we recommend contacting a NationBuilder-certified Architect to help you. 

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