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Support provided for themes
Support provided for themes

NationBuilder provides some specific support for themes.

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We support:

  1. Any bug or issues found on anything that ships with an unmodified public theme.

  2. Any bug found in liquid, with our documentation being the rulebook.

  3. Clarifying tutorials already found in our theme documentation.

  4. Questions about simple template customizations, such as:

    1. Using css to modify fonts and colors

    2. Finding where a component of your site can be edited within your theme files

    3. Inserting custom fields on a form

    4. Adding/hiding buttons and editing button links

    5. Hiding certain elements on a page

We want to support new customers who are getting up to speed with theming, but we encourage customers who want to customize their theme to first visit our theme documentation for a solution. If your request falls into one of the four supported conditions above, you can email your inquiry to [email protected] and include as much relevant information (nation slug, links to pages, screenshots) as you can.

While we will do our best to answer your questions promptly while you are getting started, please note that theme requests cannot be prioritized.

Theme requests that fall outside the scope of our support:

  1. Modifications to non-stock custom themes (including themes built by NationBuilder certified Architects).

  2. Advanced customizations to themes, such as custom javascript, custom jQuery, scripts, or third-party widgets. Additionally, we can’t guarantee any custom code’s functionality or full compatibility with NationBuilder.

  3. Our Support team doesn’t handle theme requests from certified Architects; these should be directed to our Business Development Team.

If your theme support inquiry falls outside of the scope of our support, and you can't find what you're looking for in our theme documentation - we recommend contacting a NationBuilder certified Architect or certified Expert to help you achieve your goal.

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