Create a signup page for organizations

You may want signup pages to allow the creation of organization profiles. You can accomplish this with a few small tweaks to your template.

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Many people request the ability to have signup pages create organization profiles when they are filled out. You can accomplish this with a few small tweaks to your page template (learn more by reading our theme documentation), so that the form submits to the signup type variable.

1. Add the following line after {% form_for signup %}:

<div style="display: none">{% text_field "signup_type", value:"1" %}</div>

2. Remove this line:

<div class="span6"><label for="signup_first_name">First Name</label>{% text_field "first_name", class:"text" %}</div>

3. Rename the “Last Name” label in the next line to “Name of organization” or something similar.

Alternatively, you can build radio boxes in HTML markup to allow users to select whether they want to signup as an organization or a person on the same signup page. To do this, you'll want to insert the following code after the calls for first/last name fields:

<div class="row-fluid">
<div class="span6">
<input id="signup_type_person" name="signup[signup_type]" type="radio" value="0" />
<label for="signup_type_person" style="display:initial;">Person</label>
<div class="span6">
<input id="signup_type_organization" name="signup[signup_type]" type="radio" value="1" />
<label for="signup_type_organization" style="display:initial;">Organization</label>

Keep in mind that the Last Name field is the one to use for organization names, so you'll want to add some text to that field to remind the user to enter the Organization name into the last name field.

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