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Adding an Ecwid shopping cart to your NationBuilder site
Adding an Ecwid shopping cart to your NationBuilder site

If you are looking to turn your nation into an online store, give Ecwid a try and you could be up and running in minutes. 

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Ecwid is a shopping cart software providing a cross-platform, AJAX-powered widget that enables users to embed an online store into any website and social network page. The service is free for shops with 10 products, and it also provides monthly plans for larger stores starting at $15. You can take payments through major vendors including PayPal, Google Checkout, and

Embedding the Ecwid widget into NationBuilder is a 5-minute endeavor. If you don't have an Ecwid account, sign up on their website.

1. Once you have your online store on Ecwid, go to the Ecwid product browser section to generate your product browser widget code. In order to generate the code, you will have to enter your store ID in the text field.

📌 If you don't know your Ecwid store ID, you can find it quickly within your Ecwid account by scrolling down to the footer of your account page.

2. Then, to create your shop on NationBuilder, go to your NationBuilder control panel to Website > [Select site] > New page

Enter the name of the new page and the page slug, and select the Basic page type.

3. Once your new page is created, go to Template and search for {{page.basic.content }} - you can paste your snippet code from Ecwid right beneath it.

4. Click the Save and publish changes button.

You can now customize your store on Ecwid and changes will be reflected instantly in your nation. There are also a few other widgets available, including a handy drag and drop shopping bag that could be added to your custom sidebar.

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