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How payouts work with integrated payment processing
How payouts work with integrated payment processing

Payouts to your bank account are extremely important. Learn when you can expect to receive them, change the payout schedule, and more!

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Viewing your payout summary

With NationBuilder's integrated payment processing, you can view a summary of payouts to your connected bank account or debit card by navigating to Finances > Payouts.

By default, all payouts started this month will display for your most recently created payment processor, but you can filter by payout status, any of the past 12 months, and payment processor by using the toolbar dropdown menus.

Payouts can have four statuses:

  • Pending (or "in transit"): The funds are on the way to your bank account.

  • Paid: The funds have been deposited in your bank account.

  • Failed: There was a problem with your bank account and the deposit failed.

  • Canceled: A pending payout was canceled before it reached your bank account. This will be rare, as NationBuilder's integrated payment processing defaults to automatic payouts.

For each paid payout, the total indicates the total amount deposited into your bank account. The total is comprised of the gross processed donations minus refunded donations minus the net processing fees associated with processed and refunded donations.

📌 Note: When a donation is refunded, the donor will receive a refund for the full amount of their donation. There is no fee to refund a donation, but the processing fees from the original transaction will not be returned to the nation.

Payout fees may be negative if refunded donations outnumber processed donations for the relevant time period.

To view details about the transactions and donors comprising each payout, you will need to export your payouts data. 

Once you have filtered by the desired payouts, click the Export to CSV button. This will generate a report with the following line item transactions:

  • Payouts

  • Charges: These are gross donations.

  • Refunds: These are gross refunds.

  • Fees: These will be positive if associated with a charge transaction or negative if associated with a refund transaction.

Each transaction includes a created date, transaction reference IDs (if applicable), currency, status, and payout date.

Transactions are mapped to default account types for input into accounting software:

  • Payouts: Bank

  • Charges: Income

  • Refunds: Income

  • Fees: Expense

You might consider using a tool like CSV2QBO to convert this file for easy import into Quickbooks Online or Desktop.

Donations and refunds include the following information about the transaction:

  • NationBuilder signup ID (of the donor)

  • NationBuilder donation ID 

  • Donor name

  • Donor billing address

  • Donor phone number

  • Donor email address

  • Donation tracking code

  • Donation note

  • Card brand

  • Last 4 digits of credit card

  • Postal code check (Pass/Fail)

  • Address1 check (Pass/Fail)

Payout schedule

By default, integrated payment accounts in the US pay out on a daily 2-day rolling basis. The 2-day window applies to business days only. For example, payments received on a Tuesday are paid out by Thursday, and payments received on a Friday are paid out by Tuesday. In other countries, the default is a daily 7-day rolling basis. For example, payments received on Thursday are paid out the following Thursday.

However, NationBuilder can adjust the payout frequency to weekly or monthly by request or pause all payouts to your account. If you would like to request weekly, please provide a day of the week that you would like to receive payouts. If you are requesting monthly, please provide a day of the month that you would like to receive payouts. Requests can be sent to [email protected].

Other payout/payment processor questions

I am not receiving payouts to my bank account, can you help?

First, if you’re in the US and you created your account within the past 2 business days (or you’re in Canada and you created your account within the past 7 days), payouts will not have started yet. Otherwise, check your account settings by navigating to Settings > Payment processors > [your account name] > Edit > Manage account. If you’ve started accepting donations already, it’s possible that Stripe requires additional verification information from you to confirm your identity before resuming payouts. You will be prompted to enter this information if required. If you’re not seeing such a prompt, go to the “Payout details” section and make sure there is a bank account specified for payouts.

I just updated some verification information on my account. How long should I expect to wait for any in transit payouts to appear in my bank account?

Anywhere from a few hours to 2 business days. After that time, if you’re not seeing the funds, please contact NationBuilder Support.

If I receive a payment to my Stripe account from another source, will this be added to my nation?

No, only payments initiated from NationBuilder will be added to your nation. 

📌 Note: If you have configured two separate nations to accept payments with NationBuilder using the same email address, the transactions in each control panel will only display the payments originating from itself. However, the Payouts Dashboard of the payment processor will display both sets of transactions.

What will happen if I use one email address to connect a payment processor in two separate nations?

As long as you’re using the same email address in both locations, the payment processor will be considered one account. If you change the bank account details in one nation, payouts from any nation where this account is connected will be sent to the new bank account. 

What will happen if I delete my NationBuilder payment processor from the control panel?

This will irrevocably cancel all active recurring donations and prevent you from refunding donations made through the payment processor, so use caution before deleting your account. Any pending payouts will still be transferred to the destination bank account or debit card, as long as it has not also been closed.

What will happen to my NationBuilder payment processor if I shut down my nation?

This will delete your Stripe account, irrevocably cancelling all active recurring donations and preventing you from refunding donations made through the payment processor. Any pending payouts will still be transferred to the destination bank account or debit card, as long as it has not also been closed.

What will happen to my NationBuilder payment processor if I pause my nation?

Active recurring donations will continue and your Stripe account will remain intact. In order to refund donations, you’ll need to unpause your nation.

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