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Migrating to NationBuilder Payments
Migrating to NationBuilder Payments

Most common questions about what to do once you've migrated to NationBuilder's payment processor

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Why should I switch to NationBuilder Payments?

Easy for your supporters to donate

  • Donation pages are optimized for desktop and mobile and have Apple Pay and Google Pay payment options

  • Supporters can decide how often they want to donate with one-time, recurring or both donation options on a single page

  • Donors have control over their own recurring payments through the supporter portal (plus, this reduces staff overhead!)

Easy for you to manage

  • Competitive rates (find yours here)

  • Additional fraud protection enabled by default

  • Credit cards on recurring payments are automatically updated, meaning you won’t need to ask donors to update their information when it expires

  • Keep it all in one place: track who's donating, and communicate with them effectively all without leaving the platform

How do I set up my payment processor?

To begin, navigate to Settings > Payment processors > New processor. To complete the initial setup process, you will need:

  • An email address to identify the account.

  • A mobile phone number for authentication purposes when changes are made to the account.

  • Your legal name and date of birth.

  • The name of your entity.

Make sure you check out your payment processor settings in order to adjust things like contribution fields, required fields, and having donations be tax deductible.

How do I connect my payment processor to my donation page?

By using NationBuilder’s payment processor you are getting access to additional features on our donation pages. We created a new donation page called the Donation (v2) page. Therefore, you’ll need to convert your current Donation page to a Donation (v2) page using our donation page converter.

How do I convert my donation pages to the Donation (v2) page?

Go to Website > Select site name > Convert. This page listing includes page slugs/names, their processors, status, and whether they have customized page templates. Only published and unlisted donation (v1) pages are included.

Then, you can click the checkbox next to the page you'd like to convert (or use Select all at the top) and then Review __ page(s).

If I convert Donation v1 pages to Donation v2 pages, what happens to the donations that were associated with that page?

The recurring donations will continue to be associated with the original page, which will have been renamed to “slug_old”. Past transactions will remain associated with the old page so that you can compare the performance of your new page to the old one. If the page is your homepage, splash page, default donation page, referenced in the site navigation, or the parent page of one or more subpages, all of these will be updated.

If you converted a single donation page, you will be taken directly to the page settings for your new v2 page.

I don’t see the donation page converter. What do I do?

Manually create any donation v2 pages that you want to have.

What fraud protection can you offer me on the NationBuilder payment processor versus my 3rd party processor?

NationBuilder is equipped to employ Stripe’s Radar fraud protection for your nation. We also have built-in fraud protection mechanisms by default, but if you start to notice fraudulent donations, please contact Customer Support at [email protected] to see what options might make sense to implement.

When do I delete my third party payment processor from the control panel?

You can't delete a third party payment processor that has existing recurring donations. We recommend that you just rename your old processor to ensure you don't confuse it.

If you delete your NationBuilder payment processor from the control panel you will irrevocably cancel all active recurring donations and prevent yourself from refunding donations made through the payment processor. Use caution before deleting your account. Any pending payouts will still be transferred to the destination bank account or debit card, as long as it has not also been closed.

What will happen to my NationBuilder payment processor if I shut down my nation?

Nothing initially, but once the nation itself has been completely deleted, the payment processor will be deleted as well, triggering the events described above. Any recurring donations will continue to process until the account is permanently deleted, so we strongly recommend deleting your payment processing account prior to shutting down your nation.

What will happen to my NationBuilder payment processor if I pause my nation?

Nothing really. Active recurring donations will continue and your Stripe account will remain intact. In order to refund donations or cancel a subscription, you’ll need to unpause your nation.

How do I tell which donations came through which payment processor?

When you export your Finances, there will be a column for “Merchant account.” The name of your payment processor will be listed in this column

Any Payouts exports will show data from only one payment processor at a time, and you’ll only be able to pull this data from your nation for NationBuilder payment processing accounts.

Have more questions? Send us an email at [email protected] or connect with us via our chat which can be found in the bottom right corner of your control panel, or at

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