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  • Payment processors integrated with NationBuilder
  • How to accept recurring donations
  • Connecting a payment processor

Payment processors integrated with NationBuilder

A payment processor allows you to accept donations online and process invoice payments. If you are based in the US/CA/AU/NZ, you'll be utilizing NationBuilder’s integrated payment processing.
However, if you had an existing third-party payment processor set up in your nation before January 25, 2018, you are eligible to continue use of that processor.
Nations in other countries can continue to use third-party processors.

*NationBuilder does not charge for third-party donation processing. Each processor charges fees for processing transactions. This table is accurate as of January 2018 and reflects pricing for U.S. organizations (except SagePay and eWay). The Details links provide information on other options, including fees for organizations based in other countries, if available. Whether a processor supports recurring donations is a reflection of how that processor is connected to NationBuilder. Recurring donations in NationBuilder are currently handled by PayPal and

Notes for If you are using additional security/fraud tools, such as the Advanced Fraud Protection Suite, please contact To get the discounted rate as a NationBuilder customer, please go through this provided link to sign up. If you are an existing customer and would like to have your account converted to the reduced pricing plan, please contact for assistance.

How to accept recurring donations

If you would like to accept monthly donations, you can use NationBuilder for payment processing with a Donation (v2) page to accept both one-time and recurring donations on the same page. With third-party payment processors, you can accept either one-time or recurring on a Donation page. The third-party payment processors that can accept recurring donations are PayPal Business account, PayPal Payflow Pro, and

Connecting a payment processor

Go to Settings > Payment processors > New processor.

1. Under the Third-party processor section, select a provider from the dropdown menu.

2. Click the Add payment processor button.

3. Complete required fields on the following screen. Below are more detailed instructions on how to connect each type of processor:

If you do not see the Settings section in your control panel, you probably have a custom permission set that does not allow you access to add a payment processor. Please contact an admin of your nation for help.

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