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We use a lot of cool browser shortcuts to save us time and keystrokes. Below are a few of our favorites.

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You can bookmark any page in the NationBuilder control panel. That’s right - your paths, your favorite donor’s profile, a saved filter - each aspect has a distinct URL. You can return to the same place by bookmarking the page, rather than following a series of clicks. It’s really useful to bookmark different views of your NationBuilder control panel that you use the most. For example, you can bookmark a list that you refer to throughout the day, or an important event page you often visit. In addition, you can personalize your personal followup view for easy access. That way, with a click of a button you can see any followups you have to complete. 

Example: bookmarking a path view

NationBuilder paths are the best way to track relationships with your supporters. Paths view is the best way to get the overall view of the people on your path to see what actions you need to take next. To bookmark a single path's view: 

1. Select the path of your choice by clicking on the path picker. 

2. Select path view

3. Then select Assigned to from the people dropdown.

Now, bookmark this page as “NationBuilder Path View” or “Volunteer path” etc. in your browser. We recommend saving pages to your bookmark or favorites bar, so they are always easily accessible.

Using multiple tabs

Try opening different views of your control panel in multiple tabs within your browser window so you can easily switch between screens. If you’re planning an event, you might want to have the event page, the volunteer list, and a map view open as different tabs within the same browser. That way, you can easily switch between them while planning your event. You can edit and save all of these tabs independently of the other tabs open on your browser.

Using the back button

Simply put: you can do it. Pressing the back button on the NationBuilder control panel will work, and will take you back to the last screen you were on.

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