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Benefits of receiving email in your nation
Benefits of receiving email in your nation

We recommend receiving incoming email. By accepting incoming email for a broadcaster, people will be able to reply to your email blasts.

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Reasons to receive incoming email

Help desk: Your support staff can manage and track questions from customers.

Donor support: Questions or issues from donors won't fall through the cracks.

Reply to blasts: Manage huge volumes of incoming email after sending email blasts. Begin real dialog with bulk email, rather than talking at people through an address that can't accept responses.

Build relationships: Nurture relationships by easily tracking correspondence.

If you'd like to receive incoming mail with NationBuilder as your email provider, please send an email to [email protected] so our Support Team can finish the setup.

Holistic profiles

Emails sent are logged in the activity stream of the person who sends the email and the person who receives the email.

A person's profile can now provide a holistic view of all communication with the person: when they retweet you, when they comment on a Facebook Page post, when they take action on your website, notes from contact made by your team (in-person or over the phone), along with email sent and received from the person.

Create automated workflows

Create a communication path. Remember to assign the path and/or the email step to a particular control panel user.

Compose email

All email is received and composed in the control panel of your nation.

When an email is received, you can reply to the email or forward it to another recipient.

When sending an email, you can cc and bcc other recipients.

When sending an email, you can include one attachment per email. This attachment can be up to 20 MB in size.

NationBuilder as your email provider

If you only plan to create one or two email addresses with your custom domain (e.g. [email protected]) to send email blasts, using NationBuilder as your email provider is the perfect solution.

If you plan to create a lot of email addresses for particular people in your organization, we recommend using a third-party email provider. At NationBuilder, we use Google Apps. Note that nonprofits should access Google Apps by applying to Google for Nonprofits.

If you choose to use NationBuilder as your email provider, all email to your custom domain will be handled within your nation. Please be aware of the following limitations to using NationBuilder as your email provider:

  • A person needs to have control panel access to your nation in order to receive an email address from your custom domain.

  • This is a text-only email client. That means that the email you send will be text only and email received will be displayed as text, without any HTML formatting.

  • Mail received in NationBuilder does not include a searchable archive.

  • POP forwarding to other mail services is not available.

  • You cannot access email on a mobile device unless you use a web browser and go into your nation's control panel.

  • Limited spam filtering is included.

Receiving email in your nation greatly enhances your ability to lead people to action. The NationBuilder email provider features are designed to fully integrate email communication with achieving your organization's mission.

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