Set up consent subjects

Consents are what specific kinds of data processing and communication you'd like your supporters to opt into.

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Set up consent subjects

First, you need to decide what kind of consent you'd like to gather from your community. It could be for data processing and/or communication, as well as the type of communication/tool use that consent involves, i.e. email, SMS (text), etc. Choose your consents wisely! 

To set up consent, go to Settings > Privacy > Consents.

To create a new consent subject:

1. Give the consent a name, e.g. Email updates.

2. The slug will auto-populate to match the name you've chosen, you can change this if you wish.

3. Select the consent Processing Type (Email, SMS, or Cookie) via the dropdown menu.

Please note, you can also create consent that is general and not specifically mapped to the email/SMS processing types. For example, if you'd like to gain consent for postal mail just give the consent a name/slug like "Postal mail" and click Create consent (without selecting a processing type).

4. Click Create consent.

Edit or delete a consent subject

You can edit a consent subject's name at any time from Privacy > Consents

Start by hovering over and click Edit next to the name of the consent subject you wish to edit.

Make your updates and then click Save consent .

To delete, click on the arrow. If you have made an error in the slug or selecting the processing type while creating your consent subject, delete the consent subject and create a new one.

You can only delete consents that do not have any data associated with them, this means no saved filters for a consent subject, no forms that use the consent subject, and no users that have given a response to that consent subject. If the consent subject is being used in any of the ways just described, the trash can is disabled.

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