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Table of Contents

  • Create and save filters

  • Batch update lists with tags

  • Delete people who haven't given consent or declined at both parent and subnation levels

Create and save filters

First, create (and save) filters to find people who have responded "yes" to each consent, as well as one for people who have responded "no" or "did not respond" to any/all consents (People > Filter > Set filter criteria > Save Filter as...):

  • 1 per type of consent + responded yes

  • All types of consents and responded “no” or did not respond 

Add everyone to a list for each of these filters. 

Batch update lists with a tag

Batch update each of these lists with a tag (ex: “consent>email_updates>y”, “consent>event_mktg>y”, “consent>n,na”). (People > Lists > Edit button on list > Batch update > Tags)

  • Create tag-only shares. You need to share these tags with all subnations. (People > Tags > Edit button on tag > Sharing)

  • Accept tag shared in receiving nations. (People > Tags > View all)

  • Once your tags are shared, you can filter for your shared tags in each subnation, add all of the people in each filter to a list and...

For “yes”, batch update your lists with the yes response:

For “no” or “no response”, add tag to keep track of profiles that need to be deleted (ex: “delete>consent>n,na”):

If you follow these steps, people who have given consent will continue being shared from subnations to parent nation as per your data sync tag share, and people who have not given you consent will be removed from the parent nation, as well as the subnations. 

  • Stop all tag shares created above

  • Delete everyone with the tag “delete>consent>n,na” in all subnations

  • Delete everyone in the parent nation who didn’t give their consent or have responded “no”

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