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Where to start

Smart fields make it easier than ever to personalize your emails. These fields use data from your NationBuilder database to dynamically populate text in your email content. Smart fields help personalize your message by crafting messages that feel 1:1, but can be created once and sent en masse. You can use smart fields to personalize the introduction to your blast, be specific in your fundraising ask by referencing the last amount someone donated or their year-to-date total, or send your supporters a personalized recruiter code to share with their networks.
Smart fields exist under the + Add dropdown menu in the Content tab of your email blast. 

Using smart fields

Within the Content area of an email blast:

1. Select + Add > Smart field.

2. A pop up box will appear with all the smart fields you can add to your email blast. Click on the one you wish to use.

3. Click Add smart field.

Your smart field will display within a grey box wherever your cursor was placed in your email content. You can repeat the process to add as many as you wish to an email blast. Make sure to click Save content when finished.

How do I know if all the data exists in a smart field?

Filter for the data ahead of time and include ‘exists’ criteria in the field that you want to use as you are building out your list.

What if a recipient doesn’t have the data for the smart field I am selecting?

If the recipient doesn’t have the data for the smart field, it will either default to whatever exists (if it can’t be in a state with no data) or it appears as blank. The exception to this are a few methods that have a default set by the liquid (first name or friend, full name or friend). Check out all the blank state fields. The best practice is to make sure the data exists before sending to your list. This can be achieved by filtering. 

Smart fields currently available

What's the difference between smart fields and liquid?

Liquid is the underlying language that powers smart fields to work. Liquid is a templating language that makes it possible to add dynamic content. Liquid must be typed and formatted perfectly to work, as it is a programmatic language. So, smart fields make it easy by selecting the field you want from the dropdown menu, no typing or formatting is necessary!

Do liquid conditionals work still?

Yes, using liquid in the content editor or in the template will still work as expected. No functionality is changing or being deprecated, we are only adding new functionality.

Below you'll find all of the smart fields that are currently available, as well as their liquid counterpart.  Also note, the Liquid in this table can be used in links. 

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