Both host names and ticket levels are displayed using Liquid output tags and sorted as described by default. You can copy the generated HTML tags by viewing the source of the page and re-arrange the items in the page template, replacing the Liquid tags. This is considered a hack and any changes to ticket levels in the control panel will not be reflected.

If you want the tickets level to display from lowest to highest, you can reverse the default order by adding "reversed" to the for loop.

Update this:

{% for ticket_level in page.event.ticket_levels %} 

To this:

{% for ticket_level in page.event.ticket_levels reversed %}

If you take a look at the code in the "Template" tab of an event page (using a custom page template), you'll find a liquid for loop that loops through each ticket level. It will look something like this:

You can duplicate this for loop multiple times, using liquid IF/THEN statements to determine which ticket type each one applies to, like so:

Because you cannot copy and paste from that screenshot, the "IF" statements used were as follows:

{% if == "General Admission" %}

{% endif %}
{% if == "VIP" %}

{% endif %}
{% unless == "General Admission" or == "VIP" %}

{% endunless %}
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