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Configuring your donation page to accept annual donations

To accept annual donations, navigate to Settings > Basics on your Donation (v2) page and select “Annual recurring” from the “Donation frequency” options. At present, annual donations cannot be combined with other donation frequencies on the same page.

Next, set up your action settings for annual donors by navigating to Donation settings > Advanced. As with monthly recurring donations, memberships associated with annual recurring donations do not expire.

View annual donations

To view annual recurring donations on a donor’s profile, navigate to Finances > Recurring plans. You can also view all recurring donations from the Finances section under More > Recurring plans or filter financial transactions by donation type.

Updating your page and autoresponse templates

In order to incorporate annual donations into your page and autoresponse templates, the following Liquid variables are now supported:

donation (autoresponse)

  • is_recurring

  • is_recurring_monthly

  • is_recurring_annual

  • next_billing_date


  • donation_frequency == ‘annual'

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