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Where to start

You must enable donation features in order to import donations. To begin importing donations, go to Finances > More > Import donations.

Donations can be attributed to a person or to an organization. A donation import can do two things:

  1. Add donation records to people / organizations who already exist in your database.
  2. Create a new profile for the donor and a new donation record.

Individual donation transactions can be imported. While it is possible to import the monthly transactions associated with a recurring donation, it is not possible to indicate that the transactions are part of an ongoing commitment. 

If you are trying to import a list of donors without individual donation records, use the one-time import at People > More > Import > One-time import

If you would like to import paid memberships, invoices, or expenditures, please email to request a custom data import from our Services team.

Before you import

Detailed instructions are available on preparing for an import. Important highlights:

  1. If you already have data in your nation, take a snapshot before starting an import. The snapshot must finish before you begin the import.
  2. Make sure your file includes unique identifiers for the donors.
  3. Understand how importing affects existing data.
  4. Mapping fields ensures data isn't lost or stored incorrectly.
  5. Some fields only accept data in a particular format - pay attention to any restrictions indicated.

Fields available in donation import

Fields that can be imported are categorized. You can search for field names when mapping your fields, but not for the category names. Some fields exist within multiple categories, so take care to map the correct field to your data. 

Most frequently used

This category includes the fields most frequently used when importing donations. Other types of imports will list different fields in this category.


This category is only available when doing a donation import.  

Billing Address

When a donation is processed, the billing address for the credit card. Often, this is the only address included in a donation record.

One of these fields must be included in the import for the billing address to be created: address1, street name, city, zip, or country code.

Election period

The election period during which the donation occurred. Must used one of seven names or codes.

Payment type

These fields indicate how payment was received.


The person who introduced your nation. A profile for the recruiter must already exist in your nation. All fields within this category refer to the recruiter. To ensure the correct person is credited with recruiting the person, try to use the recruiter's email address or NationBuilder ID. 

In a donation import, the recruiter category is listed twice. While this is confusing, please be aware that the categories are distinct. The first recruiter category is for the person who introduced your nation. The second recruiter category is for the donation's fundraiser. Recruiters and fundraisers must have profiles in your nation before the import begins.

During a donation import, if you map to only one set of recruiter fields, the person will be listed as both recruiter and fundraiser. This is true regardless of which category you map. This will happen on profiles created through the donation import and on existing profiles that do not list a recruiter. If you check the box next to "overwrite existing data," this will also happen on existing profiles with a recruiter. If you are updating donation records, you must check the box to overwrite existing data to submit fundraiser information. 

If you map to both categories, you can import a recruiter and a fundraiser for each donation. If a donation is imported without a fundraiser, the donor will be listed as the fundraiser.

Registered address

The address where the donor is registered to vote.

One of these fields must be included in the import for the registered address to be created: address1, street name, city, or country code.


Within the code, a person or organization in your nation is referred to as a "signup." People in your database do not have to sign up on your website to be considered a signup. It is simply a way to distinguish a person from a webpage or another aspect of your nation. Donations from organizations can be imported by including the signup type field.

Signup profile

Work address

Physical location of an organization or person’s work address.

One of these fields must be included in the import for the work address to be created: address1, street name, city, zip, or country code.

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